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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Rug Store & Rug Cleaning Company

Looking for the “best area rug cleaning near me?” A good rug store takes pride in unique inventory and offers affordable rug cleaning services. If you bring your product into the store, you can usually receive a free estimate. A professional rug store and cleaning service offers quick, reliable, and thorough cleanings.

Despite their versatility and general durability, area rugs need to be properly cleaned to ensure their longevity. Moreover, appropriate space and conditions (specifically, a large and well-ventilated area) is required to clean area rugs properly. Because of the specially formulated cleaning products, proven washing and drying techniques, and space required to restore rugs to their original, like new condition, the job is best left to a professional.

What’s the difference between area rugs and oriental rugs?

Area rugs is a generic term for rugs that cover a significant area of floor space (larger than a typical floor mat). These rugs are versatile, with numerous uses and designs. Area rugs are perfect as an accent pieces or for utilitarian purposes (e.g., to cover an unsightly part of a floor).

Oriental rugs and area rugs differ primarily in the type of knot used. Oriental rugs (of which Persian rugs are the most popular variety) are historically produced in areas once considered “the Orient” (including countries such as Asia, Iran, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet, and Nepal). Oriental rugs are hand-knit using traditional knots and must be washed by hand. Oriental rugs remain a hallmark of luxury. As they are heavy textiles, Oriental rugs need to be cleaned by hand, preferably by a professional.

How does one handle oriental rugs and area rugs cleaning?

Area rugs can be cleaned by hand; however, the process can take several days, including drying time. Thankfully, professional companies offer top area rug cleaning services, using special techniques that thoroughly remove all dirt, debris, bacteria, and mold with an expedited drying time. Contrary to popular belief, what is known as “steam cleaning” does not actually use steam; in fact, it uses a hot-water extraction process that emits steam. This process removes many times the dirt than an ordinary vacuum or hand-washing technique can.

Make Carpets Clean Again

Professional cleaning services use special solutions (usually involving ammonia or vinegar, depending on the product or clients’ preference). These solutions are designed to protect and restore the rug’s original colors while also removing dirt and debris. Professional cleaners also use special brushes for a carpet’s fringe, and the overall cleaning process is patented to accommodate even non-colorfast rugs. Servicing an area rug is a multi-step process designed to remove debris, enhance vibrancy, and improve the appearance and longevity of your product.

If you have an oriental rug, it’s worth protecting with the best area cleaning service. Thankfully, reputable companies usually have reviews attesting to the quality of their rug cleaning service. Choose a highly reviewed area rug cleaning company. If you have experienced a rug emergency, like a family pet accident, or spilled food/drink, then there plenty of companies that offer emergency services, and some can even accommodate requests to perform quick rug cleaning on the same day. Most professional companies routinely deliver products on the same or next day. Trust an experienced professional with the care of your area or oriental rug.

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We provide carpet, upholstery, and fine rug cleaning all over Northampton.We remove all odors and stains from your carpet and upholstery.

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A commercial carpet cleaning company in the Northampton area. Professional carpet cleaning for your building or office! At Northampton Cleaning Serviceswe love to keep your employees healthy and your guests impressed! Regular carpet cleaning improves the air quality in your building, which in tern reduces employee sickness. Northampton Cleaning Serviceswill be happy to provided a free, written commercial carpet maintenance quote, and keep your building in top shape.

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